Brand Partner Curious

What would it feel like to incorporate an additional stream of income, that is holistically aligned? I've done this for the last 5 years as a Brand Partner for Young Living. Oils are for everyone; a partnership is for some; let's chat and see if it's for you. Drop your info, and I'll send you my calendar so we can have a virtual coffee date and talk about it.

Meet Jessica Marie Jordan

I like to say I'm a natural-ish. A little bit crunchy, a little bit rock n' roll. I'm married to a filmmaker, the mother of unicorns, a healing artist, and a vocalist for The Polyphonic Spree; these past 20 years have been a blessing. Our unconventional path led me towards unconventional ways to keep my family's health above the wellness line, enter the power of plants and essential oils. This soft place is where I share my lifestyle process and years of holistic living and alternative healing with you.

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