Longevity Practices with Oils, Yoga, Meditation & Breath
How do we turn back time? With timeless practices that facilitate healing at the cellular level. 

Learn how to stay young in mind and body with simple longevity practices incorporating essential oils, meridian yoga therapy, meditation, and breathwork. 

What you will learn:

Seasonal self-care
Fall/metal/lung(yin)/large intestine(yang)/throat chakra (vishuddi)/sadness/grief/heaviness/LIBERATION/"take from me, all that is not free" 

Sky body meditation: sometimes it's nice to be the star. Often it's better to be the SKY. Clear out the insides to make it more receptive for subtle body practice. 

Meridian Stretches 
LUNGS and LI (I let go/I surrender) 

ACU yoga points ("see" with fingers) 

Serums for the season: recipes that support autumn wellness (lungs, sleep) 

Breathwork for Autumn: alternate nostril breathing 

Guided by E-RYT Jessica Marie Jordan of Super Yoga Palace and Victoria O'Neal of  Three Jewels Meditation NYC

When: October 13th, 1-2 PM CST

Free to attend. Those who register for the event will receive our Longevity Practice Downloadable PDF with prompts, guides, and recipes.