Hidden, Simple, Quiet & Small

Hidden, Simple, Quiet & Small
As I type, I'm making myself a morning meal, avocado toast and a sunny egg, listening to this YouTube about sewing a capsule wardrobe (I don't sew very well but would like to). I'm searching for an excellent machine to add to my Amazon birthday wishlist. The enneagram 3 in me is in full multi-tasking form. 

But you see, that's just it. As much as I have many things going on at once, my soul is leaning toward simplicity. And perhaps it's not that I don't want always to be learning, volunteering, or contributing, but I don't necessarily want to share, write about, or have it monetized as I have in the past. 

Some things can be hidden, simple, quiet, and small. 

Hidden, simple, quiet, and small is a quote I read from Father Thomas Hopko of blessed memory that has stuck with me. At face value, these words seem counter-modern culture, but it's good to remember to put everything in context, and perhaps those words aren't for you but me, my rebirth, my Spring enlightening.

On returning from San Francisco and our visit to Holy Virgin Cathedral Joy of All Who Sorrow, I had a bad case of the summer camp blues; I don't know that I was expecting that. I figured that stepping out of my day-to-day on a pilgrimage of prayer and contemplation would be beneficial, but I wasn't prepared for the grace-filled experience that it was. I'm not even sure how one could prepare for that. I'm still pondering, and I hope to write more about it in this diary as I feel prompted to share publically. 

My biggest insight. Get honest with where you are. Ask for help when you need it. Pray always and ask others for prayer; the saints are available to you too. Baby steps. The small things and the big things, the sweet things, the best things, and they're often the quiet things. 

How are you being reborn this Spring? What does growth or spiritual growth look like for you in this season? How can I pray for you? 

These are just a few of my thoughts, thank you for reading, and I welcome the conversation in the comments.

- Jessica 

Ps. This is a picture of St. John the Wonderworker whose relics I was blessed to venerate on this trip. If you'd like to learn more about this modern-day miracle-working saint send me a message and I will offer some books suggestions. 
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A Pilgrimage

A Pilgrimage
As I type this, I should be cleaning and packing, but if I clean and pack first, I will probably not get around to this diary entry, and I want to be diligent here. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a journaler because pen and paper are where I'd rather put my thoughts, but you've got to start where you are, with what you have and what you'll do, so I do this. 

Josh and I are heading to San Fransisco in the morning on a Lenten pilgrimage to venerate the relics of St. John Maximovich. We are in the process of producing our next film El Tonto Por Cristo, an Orthodox tale about a holy fool; it only seemed fitting to make this trip to ask for the prayers of this Orthodox holy saint, who is also known as the wonderworker even after death. I don't know that much about St. John, but I've been intrigued by what I've heard from friends. I've read and been told that you can write him a letter and he will answer you;  not that you'll get a USPS stamped handwritten note in the mail, but another way. He prays for you, and there are answers. I have a handful of requests; I'm looking forward to meeting him. 

Filmmaking is vulnerable; you'll work tirelessly every day, believing that your craft is worth all your effort even when the outcome you are working towards is still far from materializing. The script Josh has written is a story that's never been told cinematically, yet I'm 100% certain it's a story everyone will want to see that way. So along with co-creating and co-producing, I'm co-praying for this project; I'll also take any of your spare prayers. 

Our trip will also include walking the Golden Gate Bridge, hiking Twin Peaks, having lunch in Chinatown, and having dinner in Little Russia. I made an itinerary, which is not really in my personality, but I knew it would be a quick trip and wanted to get as much out of it as possible. You can follow along on my Instagram to see how it all works out and if the plan works well; if it does, I may attach the itinerary here if you'd like to make the same trip. 

We've got Leon Bridges- Life from Gold Diggers -Hotel on in the background ( I love him ), and Josh is cooking dinner - a big batch, so our boys have leftovers even though they can fend perfectly for themselves. They will still always be our kids, and we will probably always do stuff like this. 

Before I sign off, I wanted to say I announced today on the Super Yoga Palace Instagram account - we're back and back to our roots. If you don't know what that means, check out this post, and I hope to see ya on the mat next Saturday. 


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