Sunday Morning Starter Pack 12.05
Exhale, my friend.

Flow rather than force. What you're feeling right now is late Autumns descent to Winter, and it gently nudging us to cultivate our inner life. Now is a perfect time to read (or listen) to those books, make a big pot of soup to have for a few meals so kitchen time is less and maybe (gasp) do nothing.

I'm very fond of independent music especially woven with folk and country stylings, are you?
If you're looking to sit and do nothing, I created a Christmas soundtrack for you;



 I want to make sure you're well supported in these Winter months ahead, so I created a beautiful Winter Wellness text class that begins on 12.06.

If you'd like to receive this gift from me, text "winter" to 214-785-8522

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This wraps up our Sunday Morning Starter Pack for 12.05

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