So Many Hats

Hey friends!

I am just popping in this Friday to jot down a few thoughts before I settle in and watch a film with Josh. 

You know I've never thought of myself as a blogger type; however, I've always wanted to have a blog. I feel more or less what I wanted was a diary, a place to share my day-to-day in part for myself ( like a journal) and in part for those of you who want to follow along on the Jordan adventures. 

I've shared my life a lot over the years. If you've followed from the beginning, you know I wear many hats, wife, mother, performer, producer, entrepreneur. Many of you have followed along for my holistic content, perhaps members at one point of Super Yoga Palace or a customer in my essential oil circle; maybe you know me from The Polyphonic Spree and all that is me. 

The most authentic way to share is to share all of me, all of it. It's very inauthentic to only focus on one part of my life because I'm doing all of it every day. 

My plan from now on is to keep a diary right here. I hope to reflect on the process for myself and be a transparent beacon for those who choose to travel a similar road less traveled. 

About to watch C'mon C'mon before I head to bed. I'll write about it tomorrow, I'm sure!

Hope to see some of y'all on the mat in the morning. 

Love, Jessica 


How old are you?

How old do you feel?

When I first started teaching yoga, there was a quote by Joseph Pilates that would circle the studios I taught at, "you're only as young as your spine is flexible." That quote made a lot of sense to me early on and a persuasive conversation about why I may have many core strengthening, forward, and back bending ques in a sequence. While I would never argue with Joseph Pilates 
(I'm a both-and kind of gal), I'd have to say you're only as young as long as you're not inflamed. 

Have you seen this meme going around? The Golden Girls and Sex In The City Reboot cast are the same age here. 
I'm definitely on the nutrition-based cellular regeneration, biohacking train.  On biohacking, I'm loving Kayla Barnes Instagram, check it out. 

Is inflammation a buzzword? Back in the day, I used to think it only pertained to knees; however, "back in the day" may have been in my twenties. Inflammation to me in my 40's is about gut and brain health. The question is not about the inflamed joint, but what is inflaming it and how can I heal. 

Over the holidays, I like many people filled my plate and had a cup of cheer or two or three; y'all know I like some Prosecco. I'm feeling it. Not just in my waistline but my energy levels and mood. Honestly, I could care less about the waist; gathering and feasting with friends is part of memory-making that makes life sweet at the end of the year. The slippery slope for me is when my body gets used to excess, and it starts to crave more spiking cortisol, making me sluggish, not motivated to move my body, and weepy; who wants that? Not me! 

I'm starting a program with Josh on  Thursday called 75Hard. While it's not for everyone, this enneagram 3 is always up for a good challenge regarding health and wellness. 

75Hard Rules

  • Follow a diet: The diet can be anything you choose, whether it's Whole30, vegetarian, plant-based, pescatarian, gluten-free, Paleo, no sugar, low-carb — you choose, but there has to be a physical improvement in mind. This doesn't necessarily mean weight loss, but the diet change has to make you feel better in some way. Maybe you want to eat less sugar because you know it upsets your stomach. Or perhaps you want to go plant-based to lower your cholesterol levels.

  • Two 45-minute workouts; one has to be outside: There are no specifics about the workouts, how intense they need to be, or the type. You could do a strength-training exercise at the gym, then take a 45-minute walk outside. You can run outside for 45 minutes, then take a yoga class. You can even work out longer than 45 minutes. You choose, but the outdoor workout has to happen, whether it's raining or -10 degrees out. The point is that you can't always control the weather, just like you can't always control things in your life.

  • No alcohol, and no "cheat meals:" No cheat meals means you can't stray from the diet you chose. That means if you say you're giving up sugar, you can't have one tiny bite of cake, or else you need to start back on Day 1. The point is to teach you how to stay focused on the goals you set.

  • Take a progress picture every day: Looking back at the photos will help you see how far you've come and keep you on track if you want to give up.

  • Drink one gallon of water: This will teach you that the simplest tasks can sometimes be the hardest to do.

  • Read ten pages of a book (audiobooks don't count): This has to be a nonfiction book, so you can learn something and grow your mind.
I'm curious if the 75Hard will become a lifestyle I crave. I'll be honest; I can't see my life without a cocktail or two on the weekends. But  I'll trade my indulgences with clarity and stability of mind, mood, emotion, cellular regeneration, inner and outer strength for a 75-day sprint. I'll keep you posted.

Are you doing any energetic reset? It's part of my 2022 intention to fill up the self-care cup first to give from abundance and not deplete. 

If you're a yoga mom like me, I want to encourage you to find something to commit to. Sometimes a little challenge where someone else brings the structure and holds the space can help us come home to ourselves. When you're loving and serving your family daily and teaching multiple classes per week without a regular recipe for your self-care, imposter syndrome can set in when you don't feel like practicing what you preach. Sometimes when we've neglected our needs for too long, it can feel almost impossible to jump back in; the shame spiral is real. 

Send me a message if you want to do the 75Hard alongside me. I'll cheer for and check in on you. My friend Lesli Marshall has been documenting her progress, and it's been inspiring. I'll have her be a guest on a January Friends on Friday Instagram Live so you can hear her experience first hand. 

Before I sign off ...

If you are curious about getting to the roots of inflammation because I know it can feel like the Wild Wild West out there, I'm inviting you to listen in on a Zoom call Monday, January 17th at 8 PM CST. No camera is required and feel free to post your questions in the chat. Interested, CLICK HERE

Mindset 2022

Mindset 2022
What were you wishing for, hoping for dreaming for late December 2020?
How did those wishes, hopes, and dreams work out for you in 2021?

I was scattered, picking up the pieces of the pandemic and how it left the life, I saw going in another direction. I believed in the best without a structure for managing my thoughts, which are precisely what determines your life. 

It wasn't until this May that I stumbled upon a podcast hosted by a mindset and business coach that steered me towards tools that helped me tap into my power by reframing my thoughts for the desired feelings that propel that outcome in life I was looking for. Getting clear, having my own back, and going into the New Year without the need to outsource validation or approval, has been an invaluable gift in my mid-life pivot.

Where do you find yourself at the end of 2021? 

What are your circumstances? 

Did you know circumstances are just that, a circumstance? 
Something black and white is a fact - for instance, the pandemic. 
The thoughts around it (and believe me, there can be many) are the variable to how you'll navigate waters you may rather not be in and get to the other side of your preferred future. 

( More on how I want to help you with that)

I can't recommend the thought model from Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach school enough. Her book Self Coaching 101 is a must-have for anyone wanting to level up, body, mind, emotions, vocation, and finances. 

Another tool I've found invaluable for my mental stamina is keeping a ritual - routine -rhythm in my day. A constant I keep is using and diffusing oils, specifically Abundance. 


abun·dance | \ ə-ˈbən-dən(t)s \

Definition of abundance

1an ample quantityan abundant amount
2: affluence, wealth, a life of abundance
3: relative degree of plentifulness

The science and energetics of this oil are what drew me towards using it; the aroma inhaled reaffirms the thought work I've done and the intentions I've set for the vision I've set for the year ahead. 

Aromas can trigger memory recall.

Essential oils have therapeutic effects by stimulating the olfactory system, which connects to the limbic system in the brain—the part of the brain which controls functions such as breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormonal balance. The olfactory system begins in the nose and continues into the brain, where smells are processed and influence mood and behavior. 

The blend that makes up Abundance is beneficial when considering what you want and what you want to attract in 2022 and beyond.

Abundance essential oil was specifically designed to enhance magnetic energy, create the law of attraction through the magnetic field around us, enhance one's thoughts by electrical stimulation of the somatides and the cells, and put out a frequency charge of prosperity and abundance. It may attract riches to oneself. It also contains excellent antiviral and antifungal properties, which may make it potent support to the immune system, possibly giving one an abundance of health as well.

Body System(s) Affected

The oils in this blend may help it effectively deal with various problems related to the Immune and Respiratory Systems and Emotional Balance.

Aromatic Influence

When diffused, this oil creates harmonic energy in the surrounding area.

May be worn on the wrists, behind the ears, and on the neck and face. Individuals with sensitive skin may want to dilute the blend with V-6 Oil or Genesis Hand and Body Lotion. May be worn as a perfume or cologne or placed on your checkbook, car dash, computer, phone, wallet, or in your purse. Try cooking with it. To create more business, add 1/2 bottle to 5 gallons of paint before painting the office.

Would you like to be part, let's goooo!

There is zero purchase necessary; however, a bottle of Abundance will level up your experience. Want one; TAP HERE

Sunday Morning Starter Pack 12.12

Sunday Morning Starter Pack 12.12
We are getting closer, can you feel it? Amongst all the festivities, it's easy to lose sight of the "why" amid our to-dos but remember joy is free. 

Gathering doesn't have to cost more than an open door to your home; festivities can come from a walk around the block enjoying the crisp night and twinkle lights while sipping on something warm.

Cultivate those quiet moments to remember the reason for the season; The Calm Christmas podcast is one to be enjoyed this time of year to listen, CLICK HERE

I like to pull out my Oils of Ancient Scripture set during the Advent season. It helps me to feel more connected to the anticipation of Christmas. 

This year I would love to spend a few moments each day giving you a verse or a thought to meditate on for 10 days. Think of it as a little midday solitude.

Would you like to join me? 

If so, text 'advent oils' to  2147858522

This wraps up our Sunday Morning Starter Pack for 12.12

Please reply comment on this blog or text me anytime for additional support; I'm here for you.

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Sunday Morning Starter Pack 12.05

Sunday Morning Starter Pack 12.05
Exhale, my friend.

Flow rather than force. What you're feeling right now is late Autumns descent to Winter, and it gently nudging us to cultivate our inner life. Now is a perfect time to read (or listen) to those books, make a big pot of soup to have for a few meals so kitchen time is less and maybe (gasp) do nothing.

I'm very fond of independent music especially woven with folk and country stylings, are you?
If you're looking to sit and do nothing, I created a Christmas soundtrack for you;



 I want to make sure you're well supported in these Winter months ahead, so I created a beautiful Winter Wellness text class that begins on 12.06.

If you'd like to receive this gift from me, text "winter" to 214-785-8522

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This wraps up our Sunday Morning Starter Pack for 12.05

Please reply comment on this blog or text me anytime for additional support; I'm here for you.

P.S. Just peeping Y.L.?
Did you know it is FREE to be my customer, and it comes with benefits!

*Private FB education group, The Self Care Commune
*Weekly Sunday Love Letter with holistic tips & tricks for your week ahead
*Quarterly happy mail

*No purchase necessary

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